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Greetings Troops:

"The State Trooper" Net Ring was created on January 18, 1998.  I am Senior Sergeant Terry Martin, of the Vermont State Police.  In January 1994, I retired from 30 years in the Criminal Justice System. That's why you see this particular color scheme here.  Green and gold are both the State of Vermont and the VSP official colors.

I hope you will give strong consideration to joining "The State Trooper" Net Ring. Joining will connect you, your site, and family to a "Family of Troops" and supporter sites across this nation and the world!

For my purposes and in respect for the "Old and New Officers and Troops" the term "The State Trooper" is meant to be synonymous with "Trooper, Highway Patrolman, Highway Patrolwoman, Patrol Officer, State Patrolman, State Patrolwoman, State Patrol, State Police, State Policeman, and State Policewoman.
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We're were "152 Members"
Strong until Yahoo took over. Then a new ring took them over. I was not happy with what they had to offer so I searched around and found RingSurf. This NEW Ring is much better and goes back to the automated and easier format! 

IF you're an Previous Member, be sure to re-enlist!  You'll be sent an new ID, much like the old system.

   Take Care and Be Safe Brothers and Sisters,  
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E-Mail Me!  Senior Sergeant (Retired) - Vermont State Police ICQ # 754584

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As a Member of "The State Trooper" Net Ring, you should remember that you are responsible for making the appropriate changes and information to your site. (URL, your e-mail address, site description, or password). You will need to return to this section to edit your site's attributes.  You should therefore "Bookmark" this page for easy access. Enter your Site ID and password below:

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It is very bothersome to ring members and surfers to cycle through net rings and hit a blank page of a site no longer on the web or a site that does not have its Net Ring Graphic to continue from. ALSO, it is IMPORTANT that you put "The State Trooper" Net Ring Graphic (code) on the same page that you put as being your site location and you may wish to consider (if it's not your front page) putting a link from there to your front page, so that others can get there?

That's why The Net Ring Administration developed a utility to let me test the integrity of "The State Trooper" Ring. This utility checks every member of the ring to make sure their pages are still up and that the pages contain the required Ring HTML. When I find that a page is found lacking in any area - I will e-mail the owner of the page to inform them of the problem and see if there is anything I can do to help.

You will have 7 days, from the date that my warning was sent, to correct the problem or inform me of when the corrections should be expected. If no answer is received the page will be removed from the ring. You "may" be added back in later upon request on reconfirmation of site content.

Again, if you have any questions or need help please e-mail me right a way.

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It is my intention and purpose to provide a Professional Net Ring that contains sites that all members of the family, especially kids, and others may come to, surf from and not worry about what the content is. If you have already been rated by organizations like the following, you will have no problem with this Criteria: Family-Friendly, Safe surf, Global Family Network, RSACi, or Web CleanThe sites accepted into this ring is open to and must:

1. Be an Official State Patrol or State Police Site, Association, Union, Unofficial Site and Home page of a

FURTHER, it is open to the equivalent military, equivalent departments from countries outside of the USA, and Members of the General Public (who demonstrate, on their site, a strong Supportive Ethical Philosophy towards the Troops and Law Enforcement agencies within the CJ System from the enforcement view. (You know--the good guys?) For purposes of definition a "Member of the General Public" is a person who is NOT a law enforcement officer.  

2.  MAINTAIN the highest professional and ethical standards.

3.  BE related, at least in part, to Public Safety with links to other LEO Sites;

4.  BE FULLY supportive of those in the field of Law Enforcement;

5.  HAVE NO:

6.  HAVE NO extreme violence, brutality, or graphics depicting same;

7.  HAVE sufficient depth of content with helpful information, not just Net Ring links and links to other pages;

8.  CONTAIN more than just a product to sell if they are a business type page;

NOTE:  Minors (13 year old or above) of the Troops, with guidance of the parent(s) or guardians,

Your site will be monitored from time to time to insure that it is meeting the Criteria set above. IF it is NOT you will be notified by e-mail of the infraction with a warning to remove the area(s) in question immediately. IF you do not take action within 3 days of the notification, you WILL be removed from "The State Trooper" Net Ring. Realizing that "Life Happens" please let me know right a way if you need additional time.

IF you, as a members of the ring, see a questionable site that concerns you, please e-mail me right a way and I will take immediate action.

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Be Sure to have read the Criteria FIRST

Please complete the information below and submit the form. At that time you will be placed in a queue (in readiness to be added). The HTML Code will be e-mailed to you and is called a fragment. You must add this "fragment" to your site in a location where you say it is before you can be added to the Ring. If the source code and graphics are not added to your page your site will be remain in the queue and NOT be added to the Ring until such time that you do.

You can ALSO add the HTML fragment using another method.  Use whichever you are comfortable with. The other way is to go into your "edit mode" on THIS page and "Copy" and "Paste" it.  You know, highlight all of it, do a "Control C" and then on you page do a "Control V" to paste it?


Once you have added the HTML code send e-mail saying that you have added the HTML code or pasted the graphic. I will view your site, and when I see the everything is done on your page, I will activate your ID number, but ONLY then.

FURTHER: When you e-mail me, STATE, within, just how you meet the criteria to join - i.e. State Trooper, Highway Patrolman, Family to the aforementioned, Personnel of said organization, equivalent organization, or Non-Law Enforcement Troops Supporter, as demonstrated on your site.

Your site will be added to the ring as soon as possible, and you will be notified by e-mail from the Net Ring when your site is added. That's all there is to it. If you have any questions or problems please e-mail me.

Thank YOU for joining and Welcome Aboard!

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By law, we cannot collect personal information on anyone under the age of 13. Because of this we do not allow anyone 13 or under to Join a RingSurf Net Ring, or become a Ringmaster, and thus we are forced to ask you to specify your birthdate. If you are under the age of 14, you may not become a member of RingSurf. You may use the Ring Directory and use any existing ring, you just may not start a new ring, or add your website to an existing ring. See our privacy statement if you have any questions on how we handle your personal data.
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You will receive, by E-mail, the HTML Code to place on your page.

REMEMBER, while your Net Ring Graphic will allow "Random Sites" to be viewed and two of
the aforementioned links, YOUR site is only in the queue and has not been added yet until approval.

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(Go ahead, give her a try!)

(NOTE: Colors may vary based on desktop setup, but may be adjusted to your liking within the code.) 

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Official Directory of State Patrol and State Police!

This Trooper Site
is Commanded by
Senior Sergeant Terrance D Martin

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DISCLAIMERReturn to TopTop

While this site is a "For Troopers ONLY" (or their equivalent) Net Ring, it is not my intent to present us in a "elitist" manner. It is for the "esprit de corps" that we all should have for own organizations, agencies and departments.

Having seen the "Smorgasbord" of local, county, federal, corrections, CJ and other specialized ring webs, I didn't want to take away from, nor add to them. In fact I'm presently a member of Thirty (plus or minus) other rings right now!  I know that those Ring Masters put a lot of time into their rings wanting to be unique. Instead, I wanted to present an additionally uniquely- fresh Net Ring like this.

"The State Trooper" Net Ring management reserves the right to turn down and take off this ring ANY person or site that does not meet the above Criteria or maintain same without recourse.

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